Monday, December 15, 2008

Morton Theatre Usher

Man, what a great job, to be an Usher and enjoy the show too!! I was an usher at the theater and enjoyed the production of 'Christmas At the Five and Dime.' The work was easy, it's not a huge theater, and the people were great. I didn't have to dress up (just casual dress but no jeans) and it was easy to get acclimated to my 'job' and to do it! I was able to leave almost immediately after the show because there was so little "clean-up" involved. I also met some great folks that ushered with me; students, parents, professional people, just regular folks! The staff was friendly and gave us a tour and told us about our jobs. Man, what a truly historic place. Check out their website and read about the history! Again, It was so easy and a lot of fun! I highly recommend volunteering, you'll really enjoy it (just get there a little early and you can park on the street, just outside the theater!!) !!!!! You can get performance/volunteering dates from our website,, or from the theatre's. Email me if you've got any questions! Blessings, Shannon

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