Tuesday, March 31, 2009

With the help of the ORAC, I've been asked to become a project chair for the Area Committee to Improve Opportunities Now's (ACTION, Inc.) Senior Grocery Bag Program (SGBP). It a much needed program where senior citizens in the Oconee County area recieve grocery and personal items once a month. At the present time there are 24 seniors that receive this assistance with an additional 12 to receive it in April. It's a great program and there is a lot of room for expantion. We hope to get area buisness, churches, and organizations to sponsor the program each month. They can help with buying items for the Senior's bags, packing the grocery bags the day/night before, and handing them out, the next day. Currently, all the Seniors or their designated representatives come to pick-up the grocery bags at the Bishop Community Center. There is hope that the program can be expanded, in the future, to include delivery, too! Seniors can also be sponsored by individuals. Sponsorships for one Senior is $15.00 a month or $180.00 a year. A one-time contribution to ACTION, Inc., donations to Family Connection, as well as to the Food Bank ear-marked for the SGBP are also options. You can even purchase a gift card or a credit from a local grocery store for the program. Items can be dropped of at the ORAC office in Watkinsville as well as the ACTION, Inc's offices in Athens or Bishop. Any and all contributions will be welcomed!! There is also room for volunteers to come and assist with this and other programs. For more information, contact ACTION, Inc. at 706.769.3891 or 706.546.8293 ext. #17 or the OARC at 706.769.4974. You can also look on ORAC's website: www.oconeeconnection.org/ and click on Community Action Team (CAT) for information about this and other programs. Make the commitment, bring a smile to the Seniors of Oconee County today!!